Social Media Services

Your ongoing on-line interaction with your customers will be through social media.

In today’s world, a strong, effective social media presence is a necessity for your business success.  Social media is essential for keeping contact with your community of users and for receiving feedback from them.

Social Media Setup

There are many reasons you may want help with your social media: you’re too busy or you want to do social media just need the foundation, to mention a couple.  Also you may have local competitors who are doing really well on social and you want to effectively compete with them.

We will set up your social media profiles and set up the various accounts.  We will also do the header graphics designs and set up the users.

Social Media Management

The reasons for wanting someone else to manage your social media are varied: You don’t have the time; you feel you would have difficulty coming up with content; and see other obstacles.

Our Social Media Management program solves all those problems for you.   We will provide blog entries, text posts, videos and graphics and will post these for you.  You will get

Reputation Management

This web based application is the tool you need to manage your online reputation.  It’s for local businesses who are happy with their website and rankings but are unsure of their online reputation and for businesses who have problems with reputation.